foothills view of the Colorado University of Boulder Campus



The University of Colorado is a dynamic community of scholars and learners with strong programs in the sciences, engineering, business, law, arts, humanities, education, music and many other disciplines. Five faculty members have been named Nobel laureates, a Nobel Prize winner in physics along with many Foundation Fellowships in the sciences and engineering.

Boulder students in winter with view of flatirons


Based near the amazingly scenic Flatirons of Colorado, CU is a beautiful campus best known for being in a prime location. Students have the opportunity to go outdoors and learn a new skill, or fine-tune an old one. The campus is surrounded by beautiful scenery, hiking trails, skiing/snowboarding, and a really eccentric earth-conscious city.


The University of Colorado in Boulder is the perfect combination of education, community, and the love for the outdoors. Because the campus is so large and diverse, the university is able to offer a wide variety of exciting classes. With this wide range of classes, students can craft their own major and really fulfill the academic experience that they wish to experience.

CU campus bridge in Boulder


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